1 more turn counter bug

version 3.5.2 snapshot

I have defined a turn counter consisting of a LIST (month) and a COUNTER (year)
LIST: Jan-Feb;Mar-Apr;May-Jun;Jul-Aug;Sep-Oct;Nov-Dec
COUNTER: 1939 (start) 1 (increment value) FALSE (loop)

When I start up and then increment
Jan-Feb 1939
Mar-Apr 1939
May-Jun 1939
Jul-Aug 1939
Sep-Oct 1939
Nov-Dec 1939
Jan-Feb 1939
Jan-Feb 1940
Jan-Feb 1941


Could you please post me a link to the module so I can investigate? Or better still, a dummy minimal module with just this turn counter set up that demonstrates the issue.


dummy module with bug, per request

If it asks for name/password - use “b”


That’s not the right way to set up that sort of Turn Counter. You need to create the Month counter inside (as a child of) the year counter. When an Inner counter rolls over, it tells its parent counter to increment by 1.

Placing them at the same level causes the first to loop through once, then the second to loop. This is useful in certain special circumstances, but is usually not what you want.


Thanks Brent - I didn’t even consider a needed parent/child relationship… DOH!

I tested this works fine, but came across another small bug…

The “Fixed” width turn counter setting doesn’t seem to work properly. I have a total character requirement of “MMM-MMM_YYYY” or 12 characters total, but when I tried both 15 and 24 characters in both cases the full string didn’t display.

It’s not clear, but that width is in pixels, not characters. I will updated the label description.