1776 Issues

I may be missing it, but how do you adjust the Bateau’s to have the arrow point at the hexside they are on.

Right click only gives the option to delete and clone.

Also any chance of adding the ability to invert the counter’s so you can use the optional rules?

Regards, Jeff

I replaced the setup file with one that includes the pieces that can be rotated (and marked as moved, etc.). This will include the Bateau units. I also added American Decoy markers and British Decoy markers to the game mix. The new file should be 1776_05. Hope that helps. Enjoy


Thanks, the Bat. can now follow the river line. :slight_smile:

The units can now go invisable as oppossed to inverted which helps.

I didn’t see the Decoy counters though.

I didn’t see a 05 file however, which could be the issue.

We have an 01 file that uploaded about the time of your post I believe, which is what I used to check the above, as well as file 04.

Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated!!!

Only way I get to play games anymore!

Regards, Jeff