1805 SoG false teleport hex

Hex E01 teleports ships to the transit track. I realize there is some dark water under it on the map, but I do not think it is intended as an entry point for the track, because Spanish Gold is already pretty easy, and there seems to be no reason for it to be even easier. This must be a mistake.

Can it be fixed?

(I’ll do it if you tell me how.)

It’s not a mistake. I asked Phil Fry about it when I was designing the module and he confirmed that you can go to the transit track from E01. It represents taking the northern route up past the Florida coast.

Oh, that’s interesting. Thank you, and I hope I didn’t give any offense.

No problem, no offense taken. Phil is very good about answering rules questions on CSW and BGG. Here’s a link to CSW where he discusses the E01 hex: