"1914 : Attaque à outrance" : Vassal Module does not work

What happened with the Vassal Module for the excellent “1914 : Attaque à outrance” ?

It cannot work with the current Vassal releases (3.58), even with older ones.

Thank you.

Offensive a outrance v4.vmod loads without any problem for me in 3.5.8. If you’re having trouble with that, please be more specific about what the problem is.

That module does not load in 3.6.0-beta1 because it contains custom code which calls a function we removed. There’s been a warning about that when using module for over a year now. The module’s maintainer needs to update the custom code in order for the module to work with 3.6. (The change required is trivial—it’s just changing one method call.)

You can find the module maintainer’s email address on the age for the module. Consider contacting the maintainer if you’d like to see the module updated.

I did find a typo in the “removed” list in 3.6.0-beta1 that prevents the removed function from being recognized and displayed correctly by the Deprected & Removed dialog. I’ve fixed that and it will appear in 3.6.0-beta2. Thank you for pointing me to that.

Hi uckelman,

Thank you for your quick answer. To be more specific,

  • I use Vassal 3.5.8 on Mac 10.14.6
  • I got the message about the obsolete code when loading the module,
  • In every scale, I cannot access the hexes east from the 34.xx row.

I don’t know what you mean by this. What exactly are you trying to do?