1936 Guerra Civil Module

I recently updated the module for 1936:Guerra Civil-my update is version 0.4 of the module, based on version 0.3. Version 0.4 adds a bunch of new cards and some additional windows to organize them.

Anyway, a friend and I were going to play the new version tonight and for some reason the window that holds the game status markers would not work. I don’t remember making any changes at all to this part of the module. The button to open the window is still there, but when I click on it, no piece window appears. When I open versions 0.4 and 0.3 in edit mode, I cannot detect any differences at all in how they are configured.

You can see the difference in behavior by opening version 0.3 and choosing any of the 3 predefined setups it prompts you to opt into, and any side. Regardless of your choices, you should be able to open that marker panel and see pieces. And with the same selections, I cannot do so in version 0.4. I am completely flummoxed.

Any ideas? Version 0.4 especially relies on a handful of pre-defined setups that were a lot of work to put together and I am really hoping there is a fix for this that doesn’t involve re-doing those. I am hoping that isn’t it though, because this window really should be available regardless of the pre-defined setup that’s used.

I think I figured this out. I took a second look and there was a rogue blank folder that made it into the marker window folder structure somehow. When I deleted the rogue folder, the markers started working again.