2 different grids on the same map - SOLVED

Would using two different grids on the same map cause any serious issues?

I’m thinking of a hex grid for the entire map, and an irregular grid for the on-map turn track.

Is there a way to tell a piece to obey one grid and not the other?

It is not a problem. Use a multi zoned grid

You can place restrictions on piece movement/grid location but that is a lot
more complex and depends on the game

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I follow up with a thorough explanation in achieving both requests

On the mapboard, give it a multi zone grid, define the 2 zones one for the
hex grid the other for the turn track. Define the grids for each
We will call these zones HexZone and TurnZone original huh? :slight_smile: Part 1 done

In the map dialog add a key to bottom field “Apply key to all pieces ending
movement on this map” CTRL X

Now we need to define 2 prototype - 1 for pieces that will be restricted
only to the hex grid area and one for pieces restricted to the turn track.
They are identical except for one trigger property

The 1st prototype call Hexrestricted and is added to pieces that will be
restricted to the hex grid. Add the following traits

Send to location (all fields blank except the send back command: CTRL B)
Trigger location (property filter: CurrentZone != HexZone, Listen for
keystroke: CTRL X, apply keystroke CTRL B)

The 2nd proto for turn track pieces call Turntrackrestricted, make same as
Hexrestricted except the trigger property filter will be CurrentZone !=

Now your done.
This doesn’t actually prevent you from moving the pieces anywhere you want -
it just automatically returns the piece back to its last location in the
zone it belongs if you move it to somewhere you shouldnt

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Thanks Tim!