2 player Triumph & Tragedy

My friend and I have played several 3 player games of Triumph & Tragedy. I have a Mac, he has a PC. When we tried to play a 2 player game he was able to choose his Axis units and activate the ready button. I was able to choose West/Soviet units but the ready buttons would not work. I closed out of Vassal and retried with no success. We switched sides and he had the same results. He could also select units but the ready buttons would not function. We both tried selecting one factions armies at a time and then selecting both factions armies before trying the ready buttons. Nothing worked.

You may want to report this under the Module Support forum. This forum is for bugs with the Vassal engine itself, not individual modules. The creator of that module and/or its contributors are much more likely to be checking that forum.

Thanks. This is my first time using the forum and I didn’t see that section. I’ll post there as well.