[3.1.15] Deck sorting doesn't work

When using the Deck feature “When selecting, sort cards by” does not sort cards. I am using a deck that:

  • allows specific cards to be drawn
  • when selecting, uses $BasicName$
  • when selecting, sort cards by $BasicName$
  • reshuffles via right-click

However, when selecting, the cards are ALWAYS shown in deck order, not alphabetical. I have attempted to use $PieceName& without change. Am I doing something wrong is is this a bug?

At the risk of creating a zombie thread, I ran into this problem and it took me a while to figure out the answer. The “list cards by” item in the deck properties requires $ around the properties in it. The “sort cards by” requires that you don’t put the $ in. So in my case, I had “$BasicName$” in the list field and “BasicName” in the sort field.

Once I figured that out, the decks sorted correctly.