[3.1.15] Report action on dynamic property

A piece in my module has the Dynamic Property of “Power.” It has the appropriate Gain Power and Lower Power shortcuts attached to it. However, Vassal will not report the new Power value but it WILL report the $oldPower$ value. I have also tried using $newPower$ and $Power$ without success. For example, my report action may be:

“$PlayerName$'s POWER increases from $oldPower$ to $Power$!”

But Vassal outputs "Bob’s POWER increases from 1 to "

Increasing the Power again on the same piece would report:

"Bob’s POWER increases from 2 to "

Is the Report Action trait on the same piece as the unit with the Dynamic Property?

Is the Dynamic Property trait above the Report Action trait in the trait list?

For whatever reason, Dynamic Properties like being above any other traits that are using them.