3.2.2 Possible CurrentBoard!=OldBoard error


In the module I’m developing, I’ve encountered a possible error with boards in Private windows.

I have set the size of the board within the Private window to 1024 x 768. The window is set with a key command (Alt Shift M) that fires whenever a piece ends it’s movement on the map. I have a card that has a trigger to watch for the Alt Shift M key command. When this key command fires on the card, a trigger is set off. This trigger will then display a message stating that a card has been sent to the private window. The trigger has the following property match “CurrentBoard!=OldBoard” so that it only fires when the card has been moved from another board into the private window.

The error: If the user makes the private window bigger than 1024x768, either by dragging the window edge or zooming out, when the user drags the card outside the 1024x768 area, whilst still being inside the private window, the trigger fires. I.e. CurrentBoard does not remain the same as oldBoard.

I’m not sure if this is the intended behaviour or not.

Obviously, if I use CurrentMap != OldMap as the property match, this is no longer an issue.

The ‘error’ behaviour you report is the way it should work. A Map consists of the entire area within a Map Window, regardless of it’s size and consists of 1 or more Boards. Each Board is a specific size within that Map Logically, CurrentBoard will only return the Board’s name within the physical boundaries of that Board.

Thanks for the quick reply Brent.