3.2 Report {GetProperty("playerSide"+X)}

Sorry if this shouldn’t be posted here, but I couldn’t find an etiquette post.

I’m having problems getting {GetProperty(“playerSide”+X)} to report.

I know there’s no support for 3.2. I was just wondering if I have my syntax right or if this is not currently in the build.

I’ve been following this thread:

If it’s not a concern right now, no problem. I’ll get out of your hair.


Try this:
{ GetProperty(“playerSide” + Integer.toString(X) }

Anything that looks like a number is converted to a primitive int when calling the BeanShell interpreter, and BeanShell doesn’t seem to support string concatenation with ints (unlike Java). Brent may be working on a fix for this, if possible, but in the meantime I’ve been using Integer.toString().