3.5.1 Continuing Extension Issues

Using latest release. Module has one extension already active. Right click on extension and select edit. No issue opens up right away. Close extension editor. Right click on maid module and the Edit module option is grayed out. Right click on Extension and edit is available but when I take it editor never opens. No flash of it trying to start or anything. No entries in error log at all.

I can go to another module with or without an extension and I can open the editor. If I open an extension under that module and then close it that module also becomes unable to be edited.

Yes, I observe the same behavior: if I edit an extension and close the editor, then I’m no longer able to edit the associated module. The “Edit” entry in the menu is there but cannot be selected.

I can ‘fix’ it by closing Vassal and re-starting it. It then repeats as before.

Thanks for the report, I have opened issue vassalengine.org/tracker/sho … i?id=14058 for this.

This is fixed in the current 3.5.6 development build: vassalengine.org/builds/

Thanks for the link. the updated version is much better

3.5.6 is released now, so I recommend using that instead of a development build.