3.5-beta 3 search not functioning as expected

Just trying out 3.5-beta 3, and I tried to search for the Key Command that’s issued in a Startup Global Key Command in my module. I was expecting it to find where the command is issued and where it’s processed, but it only found the SGKC where the command is issued, not the piece(s) that process it (this is with the Key Command option in Advanced Search checked).

Is this the expected behavior?

I think that if you don’t ALSO have “match traits” selected that it won’t look inside the traits of pieces (and therefore won’t find the key commands inside those traits).

I had every checkbox checked, actually…

Thanks - I have found a bug where it wasn’t searching into any [Single Piece] slot. Have checked in a fix for 3.5.1.

Try VASSAL-3.5.1-SNAPSHOT-99ce551a0: vassalengine.org/~uckelman/tmp/

Sorry, forgot to test this until just now. The bug does indeed seem to be fixed with this snapshot.