3.6.2 bug : Invisible trait reported with 0% Opacity


Since 3.6.1 release (perhaps 3.6), “Invisible” trait doesn’t report correctly Opacity to other side. It seems that Opacity is forced to 0% for other side instead of Opacity set in Invisible trait.
For example, on a 2 sides game, I put 60% Opacity on a game piece, and this piece “disappear” from board on other side when Invisible trait is activated.
No problem with 3.5.8 release.


That description sounds like exactly what the Invisible trait is supposed to do–it makes the piece invisible to other sides, while the opacity setting just sets how visible the piece is to the owner (as a reminder that it’s now invisible to others).

If it wasn’t working that way under 3.5.8, that was a bug.

Thanks for your help and your prompt response.
So I will use Invisible trait that way now, if necessary.
Best regards