3.6 beta 3 Mat/Cargo bugs

Yes, that is correct.

However the requirement that a Mat be non-stacking is only necessary when it actually has Cargo loaded on to it. Since Mats only ‘pretend’ to be non-stacking, it would be possible to add a ‘Mat is stackable when empty?’ option.

We would just have to be careful with the drop phase of movement so that the mat becomes non-stacking before a piece of cargo is added to it. Tricky, but possible.

Another issue I can see in a wider use of Mats in a module, is that there will probably be some Mats that only want to know about some Cargo. I was thinking of adding an optional property expression to a Mat to limit the types of Cargo that are allowed to load on to it.

There will also be problems if you try and drop cargo onto a Mat already in a Stack. I think that would have to be dis-allowed.

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What is the current status of stacking mats?

I have a module in which mats that can only carry cargo when they aren’t stacked with other mats would be perfect, and I’d like to replace my current pre-mat stacking solution, so I’d just like to know if that is or will be a possibility before I get stuck in.

We did make an attempt to implement Stackable Mats but it became immensely complicated and difficult to control as there is no mechanism in Vassal to easily change any Gamepiece between being stackable and non-stackable.

So, at the moment, there is no plan to make Mats Stackable.

However, we where able to allow Mats that do not contain Cargo to be added to Decks.