3.7beta4 Feedback


New Feature: Scenario Options

  1. For List type option, if you change one of the “Valid Option” list elements, the change is not reflected in the Initial Value Dropdown choice, even if you close and reopen


  1. Option Descriptions should be left-justified, while checkboxes and dropdown choices should be right justified


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  1. Will investigate.

  2. This layout is the default standard for all configurers in the Editor. Checkboxes will definitely stay left justified to line up with the other options. The option text only looks weird because this is a different use case and you have added your rule numbers which now don’t look right. Best course is probably to add an ‘Align option text left’ option to the Tab component.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll open an issue for this so I don’t forget. I’m currently working through a significant review and refresh of the BeanShell function builder and will get back round to this.


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