3-step units

I have hit another small snag. I have a number of units with 2 steps. I use a layer to represent the lower strength side.

How do I do a unit with 3 steps ? I tried having 2 layers for the middle and low strength side, but it isn’t working correctly. I gave them different hot-keys, but no luck.


Mad Dog

Do you mean you’re using two different Layer traits, or you’re using two layers within the same layer trait?

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This is how I would handle this:-

A Layer trait can have any number of levels that can be cycled through using the Increase or Decrease key. In this case, I would leave you Basic Piece blank with no image and place all 3 step images in the Layer trait and make it ‘Always Active’. Then make the Increase command ‘Step Ctrl S’ and make the Decrease key null. Then Ctrl-S will cycle through the 3 steps.

For the first step loss layer, make the name a suffix of ‘(-)’. For the second, make it ‘(–)’, then add a ‘Report Action’ for Ctrl-S.


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