36 decks > 36 corresponding decks, conditionally

Here’s my problem.

I have 36 decks A, which may or may not be empty, and 36 decks B that correspond to those decks on a one-for-one basis.

I have 66 pieces, which might end up in any one of those decks. The pieces have varying properties, but for the purposes of this problem let’s say 2 that matter, mutually exclusive dynamic properties X and Y.

I have 2 buttons. One sends any pieces in a deck A to a corresponding deck B. Simple. The other button sends only pieces with property X from a deck A to the corresponding deck B, and leaves pieces with property Y where they are.

How do I get the second kind of button working properly with a minimum amount of fuss?


I think I’ve figured out a decent option.

Every piece has a conditional move fixed distance property that lands the piece directly onto the centre of the destination deck. The move fixed distance is only triggered when the second button’s global key command affects the conditional trigger when the piece is in deck A and property X is active.

Couldn’t figure out any way to leverage deck commands though, so I’m stuck with the undo/log bug inherent in moved fixed distance commands.