3R4 module updated to version 1.9.2


Version 1.9.2 (Bill Thomson)
-Reorganized Charts eliminating subfolders
-All Major country counters provided with a nationality prefix for future movement logging (AM, BR, GE, IT, RU)
-All 'sea' units renamed 'fleet' to be consistent with the rulebook nomenclature.
-Deleted remaining A3R units BR 1-3 construction, GE 2-6 Armor
-Deleted obsolete charts and redundant module within the Images to reduce module size.
-Add ASW layers for 1-9 (pending).
-Add 'Can Be Moved' trait to both bridgeheads and airbases.

Version 1.9.1 (Bill Thomson)
-Added Victory conditions to Charts
-Can Be Hidden trait added to ASW, Subs, Bomber, interceptor units

Version 1.9 (Bill Thomson)
-Added rule reference number for charts
-Added Sequence of Play to Charts

Version 1.8 (Bill Thomson)
-fixed scenario card names

Version 1.7 (Bill Thomson)
-All A3R specific items removed including:
A3R map
American Nuke counter
A3R specific Tables
A3R specific Scenario Cards
German U2 counter
Moscow counter
Sedan counter
Oil rig counter
Japan counter
Some unknown counters
-renamed destroyers ASW
-renamed bombers and ASW numbered 01-10 replacing 1-10
-These changes changed the module file size from 4.3MB to 1.8 MB

Version 1.6 (Dennis Jorgenson)
-Initial version created and modified for functionality of both Third Reich 4th edition and Advanced Third Reich.

Please send all additional comments, modification/error correction to Bill