4-Player Twilight Imperium Game PBF

I am looking for 3 other people to participate in a 4 person Twilight Imperium game.

Important facts concerning the game:

Strategy Cards:
5-Trade III
7-Technology II
8-Imperial II

Game will be played with the Age of Empires rules for Objective Cards.
Preliminary Objectives will be dealt 2 per player. They will choose one and delete the other.
Secret Objectives will be dealt 2 per player upon completion of that player’s Preliminary Objective. They will choose one and delete the other.

Additional Rules that will be used:
Facilities (Refineries/Colonies)
Space Mines
Flag Ships
Mechanized Units
Sabotage Runs
The Long War
Wormhole Nexus
Tactical Retreats
Custodians of Mecatol Rex
Race Specific Tech Cards
*When a Dummy Artifact is revealed, the player will receive 1 TG.

Any Additional Rules that are not mentioned will not be used.

Map building will be done as per normal, save with some points for fairness.
Each player will receive 1 Special Tile, 2 Empty Tiles, and 5 Planet Tiles with which he can organize his placement turn.

Race Selection: Option between 4 Races. Choose One.

Player List:

Let’s hope for a good game here people. :slight_smile:

I’m very new to the game. Still haven’t read the rules yet. However, I have a very good idea how how to start and can read more of the rules while the game plays. Can you email me: fuzbyone@mail.fresnostate.edu

Ok, I just downloaded Vassal, and ran it. It wants me to download the module for the board game I’ll be playing. Can you tell me exactly what the module name is, and if you can provide a link, that would be awesome!

Where are the other opponents?

I would advertise this on BGG to get more opponents. (I would probably sign up if I wasn’t in a game already.)

i would like to play that woulf be my first vassal game i was playing with wiki before.

Qui-Gon is playing in another PBF TI3 currently. No idea why he hasn’t posted here yet. Maybe he forgot about it.

I might start up a 3 player soon, after I figure out how they deal with the random dice rolling. It’ll be just to feel how GMing a game works, and learning the rules since it’ll be my 3rd game ever!

Charlie i was using this site for our wiki game it very nice dicelog.com/dice
You can count me in for a 3 players games

You guys do know that you can roll dice in Vassal directly, right? (There is a cheating loophole with games w/o a GM, but as long as everyone is honest this should not be a problem! I think there is also something in Vassal that connects to a dice server to prevent this type of cheating, but I’ve never used it. Search the forums.)

Ok, we’ll test out dicelog.com/dice, and see if we can figure it out. If it works… then we are set to go!

I work hard Monday to Thursday, then have a board game group most Thurs and Fri nights. I can spend a lot of time Friday morning assuming I don’t play a 6 hour game on Thursday…

Um, expect an official “new” thread created Friday morning, then I’ll set up a 3-6 player game, with a huge warning, 1ST TIME GMING, THE GAME MIGHT CRASH, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I don’t know what time I’ll have the official start. I prefer around 1pm PST (California time)?; but I’m flexible… My skype is mathinstructor. Text me if you have problems with that time. We will either chat via chat room, or whatever to get everything started. Then gradually start posting logs via forum. Then we’ll start the one turn a action a day thing. Expect the initial start to take easily 2 hours. We’ll have vastly reduced victory conditions for faster game, and expect the entire game to take over 6 months.


Dice tower number: 668

Dice tower name: The Doomed Universe

Lets see if you can figure out how to log on there. I just attacked with 6 fighters, hitting on a 9 or 10. How much damage did they do?

Some clues:

Dice log service : join an existing dice log, access to your own online dice generator blog.

oh, i guess you cant see it…

You can join a dice log created by someone else only if an admin of this dice log added your mail to the list of players.

you can also just send some dice directly to other email

Yes, I know, but forums seem to work much better. The dice tower/log service is an uneditable forum. At least I can’t edit it. I’d rather have my game nicely organized on the game forum with PM’s, rolls on dice tower/log, and no messages to my email. I actually have a ton of email sent to me via work and I don’t like dealing with organizing game email while working.

The alternative is to create an email address just for gaming… and that’s just another hassle. While PMing me is the same as emails. Why create a new account when I already have something that does the job.

No point in using a seperate dice log. Vassel has its own dice log.

If your playing a live game its not a problem. If your playing one by email or by forum, then you will need logfiles, and you will need a GM to control the dice. Still easier then a seperate dice server. Anyway, might want to consider posting a new thread in games in progess. You might get more response.