A button or an action to show/hide a map

Hi, question for today :

How can I force a map to be displayed/shown or closed/hidden from a KC, instead of from a toolbar button ?
I see a Hotkey in the Map definition, below the button text definition but cant get it working from the startup GKC command.
Any lead, please ?

Thanks in advance

Indeed if a Map does not have a button to show/hide, it means it’s on forever: you start with it open. And if you close it, it closes the game.
If you make it visible through a show/hide button, the game does not launch with the window open. You need to open it manually.

The solution : The Startup Global Key Command ! The Key Command executed will be : bing
The Map Window has a toolbar button to show/hide, and a hotkey : showme
The Map Window also has an At-Start Stack with 1 piece, with 1 trait : Global Hotkey - Keyboard command is : bing / Global Hotkey is : showme.

When the game starts : BING ! Then the Map Window says : SHOWME !

So I start with a window I can then decide to hide/close through classic buttons, or menu.