A Call to Arms Quality of Life Request

Hello! Got a group of friends hooked on Babylon 5: ATCA (listed on this site under A Call to Arms: Babylon 5 Space Combat). We like using the “Weapon F” button which draws a boresight with the correct range (very handy since the Bore Arc is very narrow). However, we noticed that smaller range Bore Arc weapons (<20) generally do not have this function. Since all of us are new to Vassal for this game, I wanted to reach out to see if A) someone who’s worked on or familiar with this module could help fix this in an update or B) since this feature is already implemented, perhaps someone familiar with the inner workings of Vassal modules could help me figure out how the longer range boresights were implemented, since it should ™ be easy to port over to other ships. Thank you kindly to anyone who can help!