A game of thrones, the board game (2nd edition) - any module

Hi guys,
As title really, looking to find a group of people interested in playing the one of the A Game of Thrones (Second Edition) modules.

I am UK based.

Please post below or send a PM if you are interested. OFC, ideally looking for at least 2 others as its a 3 player game at a minimum.


  • Sharpe

Great sound… im also looking for some good and interested players, but am from US sooooooo
can i also become a player in this game…


I’m also interested in this game, but i never played it before.
Unfortunately i’m hungarian.

So i would like to join to your game if possible :smiley:


I would like to play also. Live in the -5GMT time zone and can play most weekday evenings, Saturday morning and sometimes afternoon.