A game of Thrones

I am not very handy at making maps and mods, So i have a challenge or request. Can somebody make “A Game of Thrones” for Vassal? That would be so much fun. If you haven’t heard of this game you can learn more about it at boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/6472 . It is a lot like Risk, only you have much more stratagy involved. NO LUCKY DICE.

I hope someone is up for the challenge

Thanks for reading.

The problem with A Game of Thrones is that its rights are owned by Fantasy Flight. They are usually not willing to allow their properties (especially when it’s a licensed property) to be made into VASSAL modules.

So, if someone made it, it would be for their own personal use and not for distribution for others.


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Has anybody given any more consideration to making a Game of Thrones module? I have noticed that several other Fantasy Flight games have been modified (eg. TI3, Battles of Westeros) so there shouldn’t be an issue because it’s a Fantasy Flight game. I am trying to learn how to build it myself but my free time is limited (darn kids!) and, well, I’m not very good at this kind of thing…

There are several FFG games made into modules but I believe the standard requirement for an FFG module (if you’re going to make it public) is to remove all text from cards that are used in the game. This helps to insure that you own a copy of the game to know what each card does.

I don’t own the game myself but I could probably give you some tips on how to put it together. Drop me an E-mail.