A Most Fearful Sacrifice

The module for the scenario An Unexpected Encounter shows Stannard’s brigade in the Union Command displays with no information on when they appear, though it seems to be indicating they enter when Doubleday’s activation card is put into the card mix on the 11:00am turn. But there is no mention of where they enter. Also, complicating the issue they are not mentioned in the scenario book article for that scenario. I’m quite sure that Stannard’s brigade was involved at about the corresponding real time on 1 Jul '63, but my memory of previous games and studies of Gettysburg could be in error.

Can anyone help me clarify this issue? When and where does Stannard’s brigade enter this scenario? Why are they on the Union Command Display instead of the reinforcement schedule ? And (this is a question more for the designer, than Vassal users) why is this brigade not mentioned in the scenario reinforcement instructions?

Well, I managed to contact the designer and found that Stannard was late and did not participate in the first day. As I said, my memory of this battle might be mistaken, but it has been updated. I do remember not, that Stannard did arrive but not in time for the battle’s opening.
Anyone seeing this who might have the answer for me, thank you very much, but never mind. The answer has been found.