A player lost his game file

A players computer died and he lost all his files. We are playing Here I stand. We do not know how to get him a game file. he is the Emperor. What can we do?

Replied to you on BGG if you didn’t already see it. Send me your game’s most recent file via email (see the module help for my email address).

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These are the latest log files and game files that I have.


(Attachment T4R5France.vlog is missing)

(Attachment T4Start.vsav is missing)

I can not see your email anywhere.

My email is: mckenzie_sean@hotmail.com

You have to log in to the module wiki to see email addresses (use the head-and-shoulders icon in the top right). It uses the same username and password as the forums. Once you’ve logged in once, it should auto-login in the future.