A World At Arms - WW2 Global Grand Strategy

For about two years now, I have been working on “A World At Arms” (WAA), a VASSAL-only grand strategy game of WW2. WAA is a highly modified, sanctioned derivative of Avalanche Press’s John Prados’ Third Reich (JP3R) and the Great Pacific War. While it’s JP3R roots are still visible, the game bears little resemblance to it’s ancestor and plays very differently.

WAA presents the entire globe and all the nation’s forces at a constant scale; a feat that would be impossible in card-board and paper. Thanks to VASSAL beta version 3.2’s new image tiling process, the huge bitmap images can be displayed efficiently on a typical home computer making the WAA project realizable in electronic form.

WAA is structured as a base game system upon which scenarios sit. Each scenario comes with a separate scenario booklet that describes the specific rules and circumstances for that scenario. A number of historically-based scenarios come with the game. Many more scenarios can be developed in the future, either officially or ad-hoc by players.

At this time three of us are play-testing the European Campaign and would like to expand the playtest by two or three players. We play two to three evenings a week starting at 9:30 PM EST and usually wrapping up by 11:30 PM (later on weekends).

Here are some images of the game in development:

Here are some images of our latest playtest of the European campaign:

If you are interested in participating, send me a private message.

-Mark Royer