Abandoned Game Question

If someone abandoned a game module. Are you aloud to continue working on it?

If so, how do you get the code and resources of the abandoned game?


There’s no problem if you pick up a module where someone else left off. You should make an effort to contact the person to verify it’s truly abandoned, but that’s about all.

As for the “code,” it’s all there in the module itself. In VASSAL, select the module, then go to the top line menu and select File, then Edit Module. If there’s anything specific you want in the module that’s not already there, it’s up to you to create it yourself.


If there are any custom classes used, there might be code elsewhere that you don’t have in the module. In that case, you can usually use a java decompiler to get something approximating the source code, but if the added classes are still working, you can just keep the class files as-is and not worry about it.

I don’t think custom classes are common though.