Ability to modify multiple pieces at once

It would be nice to be able to Ctrl-click multiple items in, for instance, a deck and be able to add, delete, or modify their traits. This would be similar to the existing ability to edit all the pieces within a deck, but more specific. The behavior we’d be avoiding would be, for instance, that I need to add a prototype to fifty of my two hundred cards. Rather than having to double-click the piece, scroll down to Prototype, click Add, click in the entry field, type/paste the prototype name, click OK, click OK … and then repeat for the other 49 cards, I would simply Ctrl-click, Shift-click, or a combination of the two until I had all the cards selected, then do the above operation one time.


I second that! My feature request was very similar:

The ability to modify pieces from seperate decks at the same time. For instance, If each player has his own deck and I find I need to add a feature to each deck, it would be nice to only have to do it once, rather than doing it for each deck. Perhaps add a folder that contains all pieces/cards in the module regardless of what deck/palette they belong to, and the ability to ctrl click and select which pieces to modify.