Accessing a "dynamic" Global Property


I’m experiencing problems in accessing a global property’s value. I have created a global property for several categories of game pieces, to determine the owner of this category’s pieces.

I have some tokens with the i.e. BasicName “RaceA” and if “Player 1” decides to use this race, all tokens belonging to this race will be owned by him. When the “Player 1” aquires the race I want to set a global property “RaceA_Player” (where RaceA is the BasicName of the pieces) to $PlayerSide$. This works fine. But I don’t know how to access this property without typing it in directly ($RaceA_Player$). I tried to use “$$BasicName$_Player$” and similar approaches, but none of them worked for me. Is it even possible to access this value by using a “dynamic” property name… and if yes, how? Or is there a better way to connect tokens to a player (even if they are created later on).

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ok, I just found this while searching for something else :blush: