Accessing Images in Module Extensions

I may be a ditz but I’ve yet to find documentation on HOW to do this. (Though I’ve seen plenty that simply states you can.)

I want to store a large number of images in a module extension and reference those in my main game module. Step by step, what’s the best way to do that?

I’ve managed to steal a build file from another extension and modify it so that the zip I created with the images is recognized as a valid extension, but I have no earthly idea how to interact with it to access those images to use the images for the basic trait for my game pieces.

First up, why do you want to do this? What are you hoping to achieve.

Extensions are designed to add additional self-contained components to a base module. They are not designed to hold core images for the base module.

When you create or edit an extension, you will see a grayed out tree of your entire module, to which you can add new counters, maps and their images. Notice that you cannot change existing components of your module.

If you edit the module directly, it knows nothing about any extensions, so you cannot directly reference images that are being held in a module.

Comes back to what you are trying to achieve.

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To reduce the filesize from something around 500 megs to manageable packets of 50 or so, ordered in packets along the release dates of sets as opposed to a mass conglomeration of images ordered simply alphabetically.

Create one extension for each set and create the actual units in the extensions, not in the base module.

Units defined in an extension can reference prototypes and images defined in the base module, so anything that is shared between different extensions (marker counters and images etc.), create in the base module.

500 Meg of images is mighty large, what are you working on?


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How do I consolidate the pieces into a single ordered list though for easy reference by the end user? Or would each set of images have to remain separate?

As for what I’m working on? Something that will likely never see the light of day. A lark, a fantasy, and otherwise something to keep me occupied when I’m bored. ;) I sent you a PM in regards to what it was specifically.

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On 1/04/2009 at 7:37 PM ABCoLD wrote:

You mean the different counters?

Do you really want one single list with 100’s of units on it?

Are the units logically broken down into families or sets that would logically go into different lists?

If not, then you can easily put them all into one list - When you create each extension, just add all of the units to the same Panel or List in the base module. You can add children to base module components in an extension, you just can’t change the base components themselves.

Best things is to give it a try and create a couple of extensions with a few units in each and see how it all interacts. I have PM’d you with the usual procedure for creating extensions.


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Thanks! I think this will point me in the right direction.

Brent is correct about adding extensions. The problem is where the menu items for those extensions items go in Vassal 2.9. I did not like the location, so split the module. Of course with the new palette organizer (which is not deck builder), this could be overcome. Nor was the palette organizer an option at the time the module was built.

Your pardon if this sounds ignorant… what is a Pallete Organizer and how does one use it?

Unfortunately it turns out to not be exactly what I’d need, as I’d like the list to be alphabetized, and I can do that manually in a single list, but I have no idea how to do it across multiple extensions.