accessing symbolic dice $result$

I have a game piece that represents a symbolic dice. The dice needs to have six sides, but the faces are the numbers 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4. (so I cannot do a basic dice of 3 sides since the distribution is not even) I have created a piece with layers that are set to the piece’s dynamic property $Value$. I have a symbolic dice named FunkyDice with the appropriate values, but I cannot get the value into my piece. A trigger sets the piece’s $Value$ to $FunkyDice_result$, but the value isn’t transfered as the layer doesn’t update.

My report logic says: “Player rolled dice for a result of $FunkyDice_result$” but the output is:

“Player rolled dice for a result of FunkyDice_result”

I know the dice is rolling because when I have the “show results in button” active, the symbolic dice does roll. I just can’t have the piece set its $Value$ to the result of the FunkyDice. This exact process works with a simple dice (named 1d6), but not the symbolic one. Am I missing something?

I think you’re making it more complex than you need. You don’t need to set up layers and DPs for a symbolic die.

You would create faces for the die, and then when that die is rolled, the result of the roll would get written to $Die_result. In the editor, first create the Symbolic Die button, then create the Die itself, and then create the faces for each die. The Symbolic Die button automatically has its own report, so you shouldn’t need to create a separate trait for the dice.

I used a lot of symbolic dice in the Fantasy Trip module; you might check that out to see how it should be set up.

Just noticed you’re using a game piece for the die. You can just use the Randomize command on the Layers dialog… you shouldn’t need to set up a DP or trigger. The result of the random level will write to _Name. Use that in your report instead of ‘FunkyDice_result’.

Thanks for the reply. I checked out your module and I see you are using the standard symbolic dice function to have it spawn in its own window. For my purposes, I am trying to effectively make a tabletop dice piece that functions as a real dice and can be moved on the board, etc. It works for a regular dice, but for the symbolic dice I cannot access the values to properly update the piece layer.

While this is much more complicated than using the turnkey symbolic dice features, I’m trying to reduce the number of separate windows open based on playtesting feedback.

Quick followup - I saw your second reply and you were right – I was overthinking it. Using the layers worked very well. Thank you!

On Apr 23, 2011, at 8:18 PM, tman wrote:

works for a regular dice, but for the symbolic dice I cannot access the
values to properly update the piece layer.

I think this may be because the values for regular dice are numbers and for symbolic dice they are strings.