Action button and facing question

Recently I added a action button to a counter and it works fine. However, when the counter changes facing, the position of the button does not rotate together, remaining always oriented towards north . The prototype calling the button is above the prototype Can rotate.

What was wrong?

Panther 2010

I discovered recently that Action Buttons will not rotate with a piece. As a result, since the pieces in my game can rotate, I’ve switched to right-click commands rather than action buttons.

In the meantime I solved this problem simply placing on the counter six symmetrical action buttons, one for each possible facing.

I am not sure, however, if this will work as i want. Maybe I will swich to right-click command, too.

By the way, what is the game in which are you working on?

I’m working yet again on another version of To Be King …this time in sort of a pseudo CCG format. I’ve already created an actual tabletop version creating more than 2000 cards. Expensive as hell to make but it’s been a great playtesting tool with many hours of good fun.

Now that we’ve that got the basic rules and mechanics worked out, I’m trying to make an online version. You can see a sample screen shot in posting

It will be a private game as I’m using artwork “borrowed” from the internet so I can’t publicly distribute it but if anyone is interested, I’ll be glad to notify them when it’s done.