Action button to display player-specific private window

Hello, again, everyone. I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem. I currently have 8 player sides defined in my module, and each side has its own private window. I currently have assigned each private window a button at the top of the screen to show/hide said window. However, I was wondering if it is possible to create a button that will only show/hide the private window that corresponds to the player that presses the button, rather than having to list all 8 buttons up there when only 1 is useful to any player at a given time. Thanks.

Yes in theory you should be able to do it (no guarantees this is true but
this is how I would attempt to do it at least),

Remove the text and buttons from Player windows that would show up in the
main toolbar.
Assign a hotkey to each player window (F1, F2, F3 etc…)
Add a Toolbar Global key command to Toolbar that executes CTRL 1 and set
filter to BasicName = Dummypiece

Add an At start Stack to the main map with single piece 1 pixel x 1 pixel -
give it the name “Dummypiece”, and set it at 1,1 on main map

Add 8 triggers to Dummypiece that all execute on CTRL 1 (from the Toolbar
GKC) - set their filters to PlayerSide = $whatever your players are$
Each trigger should execute a different key command

Add 8 Global Hotkeys to match that will open the corresponding player window

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Thanks, Tim. That actually worked quite well.

I found a way that works quite well in my mod as I have a private window for each player as well.

What I did was create the 8 private windows and used the same hotkey on all 8. When you hit the hotkey, only the window that’s restricted to be used by that player opens.

Found it real handy as I only needed use one hotkey and make one button. Doesn’t matter who clicks it, only their window opens.

Unfortunately, that won’t work for me, Dr. Nostromo. It’s because I allow everyone to see all of the private windows, so when I try what you suggest, it just opens up 8 windows at once. Thanks, though.

Ahhh. Yeah, that would be a problem. (grin)

I assumed that when you said you were using Private Windows, you wanted them to be truly private. The ones in my mod are truly private with each one restricted to a specific player side. No one else ever sees it.

So, you’re right. This method obviously wouldn’t work if others could view the windows at some point or they weren’t completely restricted to specific player sides.

Tim’s method almost works. But small square boxes remain on the panel if I “Remove the text and buttons from Player windows that would show up in the main toolbar.” How can I get rid of them?

That is annoying I know :slight_smile:

I have seen one solution to this - leave text (title) in the windows your trying to hide and add a toolbar menu component which you can put them in under menu entries. Delete the button text and icon from the toolbar menu - now there will be no little blank squares showing

kind of weird that the toolbar menu will disappear when you clear it but the others always leave a blank square in the bar. Something the programmers would have to look at to find out why

Thanks. That works.