Action Buttons not working (initially) in module edited in v3.6

I have encountered a possible bug whereby an Action Button does not initially work when a module is first started.

In the example that I have found, the Action Button conditionally triggers an Area of Effect. I have used a simply Report Action to prove that the issue is with the Action Button rather than the Area of Effect.

Notably, the Action Button is on a piece that rotates; it does not matter if the piece is a single or double hex. Also, using the Action Button sizing ability of v3.6 makes no difference. The modules in the good/bad demo below both use standard pre-v3.6 action button sizing. The apparent bug manifests only in the module that has been edited in v3.6.

  1. Take Flying Colors module v2.5.1Beta (built under v3.5.8). Open a scenario (e.g. Algeciras Bay). Click on a leader (personality counter on top of a ship counter). An area of effect will appear / disappear on each click. e.g.
  2. Now take Flying Colors module v2.5.2Beta (built under v3.6.4). Repeat above. This time the click does not work when the scenario is first loaded!
  3. If the leader is moved off and back on the ship counter, eventually the leader action button click starts working and other leader action buttons start working too.
  4. Once working within the same module session, the leader action buttons continue to work first time immediately a scenario is opened.

A general workaround to the issue - in the example at least - appears to be to place a piece which has an Action Button. Thereafter, the completely unrelated Leader Action Buttons start working. UnDo does not reverse this, further pointing towards an underlying Vassal bug.

There were many, many changes involving Action Buttons between 3.5.8 and 3.6.4. Which release is the last where this works?

I have been through v3.6.0, v3.6.4 and v3.6.5; following this sequence - edit module, Tools—Refresh PDS, save module, open…

… this sequence replicates the error in v3.6.5 but not v3.6.4, so far.

I will do some more tests.

Reverting back to v3.6.4 seems to fix the issue. i.e. a module / PreDefined Scenario that shows the error under v3.6.5, is recovered and then works again, even under v3.6.5.

I’m wondering if this is a refresh issue of some sort but that doesn’t chime with the transient nature of the problem.

*“Reverting” means open the not-working module for edit in v3.6.4, refresh all PDS and then save/edit.

To add to the confusion, it turns out I have a bug in the module that is preventing the Action Button effect on leader markers on single counter ships. However, this is a red herring; I still see a Vassal issue, as described above, including on small ships once I fix the module issue.

For now, if trying to replicate the Vassal issue, just look at leaders on double-hex ships.

Seems to be a problem with the Game Refresher, actually. Commit cdec7e4 is the one that bisects as bad using the above repro methods. (I deleted all but the first predefined setup from the module so that I could refresh quickly as I bisected)

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I’ve created a new build VASSAL-3.6.6-7be22fe-RefreshActionButtons that I believe fixes the problem. The module needs to have a ‘Refresh predefined saves’ done using this new version to correct the problem in the currently corrupted saved.

Please give it a go.


That worked, thanks Brent.