Action Report Issue

Call me mr poster lol.

Anyway in my prototype for my player stat card i have it so the stats can be increased or decreased. The report looks like this: $playerName$$ has increased $$newPieceName$$ speed$

The $newPieceName$ keeps referring to the layer name. I made a layer for each stat. Each layer has 4 levels to represent 0 to +3 for the stat. I named the levels. This is what is being returned by piece name. Should I have not named the levels? Why doesn’t it return the name of the card?

Extra Credit-- Is it possible to do what I am doing with a value instead of image levels? I guess I could use a DP and a text label huh.

The property for acard/counter/piece is generally $BasicName$. Im not sure how your referencing the layer without seeing it - I just cant think right now…:slight_smile:

Yes, or you can have the layer follow the DP (Layer follows property value and refs the DP) Then you can report the layer numerically

Ok this has to be a bug because I got it to work properly with: $playerName$$ has increased$ $newPieceName$$ speed$

then after I start a game and change the values it refers to the layer name for speed in the newPieceName value instead of the players name.

You have to reference the DP in the report - not the layer. All the layer is doing is following the DP