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I was looking just now at our download statistics at SF, and noticed
something interesting: According to their “activity” ranking, we’re ranked
311 out of more than 100k projects. Now, I suspect that a good deal of this
is due to the automated bug reporting, but it’s worth noting that we’re
ranked ahead of such widely used projects as JUnit and libpng. I don’t know
that many people ever look at these rankings, but it might gain us some
visibility eventually.

We’re also 25th (!) during the last 7 days in total items opened/closed,
which I think is more a reflection of how much SF’s bug tracker sucks than
anything, since we’re tremendously higher in the ranking than what I’d
suspect given the volume of use we have. (For contrast, the top project
had 3623 items opened/closed in the past week—which, incidentally, I
think would destroy our sanity—so already at 25 of 100k there’s been a
drop to 1.7% of the maximum. I.e., the distribution is almost all tail.)

Nice. Having high activity does give people more confidence in the project. Even if lots of the activity is closing duplicate bugs, at least it shows someone’s paying attention.


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Thus spake “Rodney Kinney”:

I was curious what the projecs with dramatically more tracker useage than
we have were doing, because, well, 3k items per day is a hell of a lot. It
turns out that their trackers are being spammed. In the top 15 projects for
tracker usage, there’s one or two which are there due to real items, so
we’re at least 10 places higher if you don’t count spam items.


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