Actually joining a real-time game?

I’m a little confused about how to actually get two people into a real-time game on VASSAL. I’m running the Playing Cards module, though my understanding is that it shouldn’t matter. But I’ve got two people logging into the server, then joining the same room. One of them either starts a new game or loads a saved one, and chooses a side—but there doesn’t seem to be any way for the other one to then sit himself down at that same table, to choose the other side (or even observer) in that same game.

The only way I’ve been able to do it as of right now is to have one person start a game, then have the other Synchronize himself with the first – THEN retire and choose the other side of the table. Is that really the way I’m supposed to be running it?

I’ve looked in the documentation for answers but if they’re there I can’t see them.

I appreciate any help you all could lend.

You probably have two players with the same password in their preferences. VASSAL uses your password to identify you, so if player A starts a game and player B joins it using the same password, player B will automatically be assigned to the same side as player A. If the passwords are different, player B will be prompted to choose a side.


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EDIT: nevermind my response, I reread what the poster was asking and my advice doesn’t really apply :slight_smile:


rk, I think you’re right. It might be that my two test users had different names but the same password. So just to clarify - it’s still correct to have one person make a new game, then the other to right click on that person and select ‘synchronize’, right?


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