ADC2 conversion of the Europa series?

Is there anyone interested in creating a Europa game or two from the Europa series off of ADC2?

Technically, it’s from the Glory series, but I’ve got War of Resistance on the to-do list. I’ve already gotten permission from the developer.

If you’re interested in a collaboration it’d be nice to split duties with someone!

I can scan the pieces and the charts…

Ha, that’s the easy part and that’s already done! :slight_smile: The real work is putting all those counters into the module! Tedious and time-consuming!

I am working on a Mass Piece Importer for Vassal 3.2 to create pieces, loading the Basic Piece image and images into a Layer trait.

You basically point vassal at a directory full of images, specify some rules about how to identify which images go into which level of the layer (ends in text, start with text etc.) and Vassal will create all of the pieces. You would then use Edit All Contained Pieces to flesh out the units.


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Sounds like a great reason to put WoR on the back burner for now… :wink:

you guys will get a LOT of kudos if you can convert some europe titles :slight_smile:
Keep it up!!!

I have done an Excel sheet that builds the Piece list of a stack/deck, with Basic Piece name and image, plus a free list of prototypes. You still need to paste it directly in the BuildFile. Would you be interested with this?

Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. That’s how I used to do it also. The new functionality will do away with the need to do this sort of thing.


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