Add a draw deck "cover"

Hi - I want to place several draw decks around the play area. In the real game, you draw counters from a cup randomly. Ive created several draw piles but as they are random I want to use the scanned back of a counter as the ‘lid’ of the pile? So that when you draw one from this pile a new random tile appears. Also the deck asked for an X Y positioning, I tried 100 x 100, then 0 x 0 but nothing showed up. Have I missed something?


Nothing shows unless you click the Draw outline when Deck empty box. The Deck is still there even though you can’t see it.

Put a send to location trait in your counter/card prototype that you use for the counters/card in that deck.
leave the menu command empty and only put in a key command “CTRL D” for example. If it is supposed to send it to a players hand. Make a zone in that players hand, “New” for example. For destination you select Zone on selected map, for Map you type exactly “$playeSide$ hand” because you use the exact name of the player followed by a space and hand for their hand window, for zone you type “New”. You can even add a off set with the advanced options to avoid everything stacking up on the same spot. that takes care of the counter/card part of the command.
Now you need a way to activate that command when it is in a deck. Easy … instead of adding a card you add a Deck Global Command with “CTRL D” as the global key. and you put in how many in how many of your counters/cards it will affect. What it will do is send the “CTRL D” command to x amount of random items in that deck that will accept that command. Result: X amount of counters/cards will be send to the new zone of the hand of that player.
If you want to be fancy you can even add counters/cards in that deck with restricted access or command that allow certain players not to draw cetrain items. For example your playing a wargame where you have several evil and several good players. You don’t want the evil players drawing good cards and prevent the revers of happening as well but still want to use just one drawing deck. Restrict commands or access for those players and everyone will only draw what he is allowed to draw.
ps: The top will only change when you actually draw the top item by accident.

You could also take a look at the Silent War or Steel Wolves modules.
They use counter stacks (cups) for the battle board. … ng_-_Vol_1