Add back Definition of Player Sides?

When I first created my module, I didn’t need players sides. Me being the OCD developer that I am, I deleted the node (didn’t want any kruft hanging around, nor a retire button in the game for no reason)—assuming I could just add it back later if I ever needed it. Well, now it’s later and my module needs player sides, but there is no option to add the node. Why not? Is there any way for me to get this node back into my module?

I found a rather old post in these forums about some workaround by extracting the module as a .zip file and then editing the buildfile to include the node markup. However, once you extract a module, you can’t package it back up as a working .vmod, as far as I can tell.

Pointers? Would rather not have to re-build my module from the ground up…

I’ve done it a couple times now. If I can get a copy of your module I’ll give it a try.


Sure you can. I’ve done this countless times.

What OS are you using? If by chance it’s MacOS, that has a not-very-helpful habit of uncompressing a zipfile into a brand new folder, and sometimes people mistakenly think they need to recompress that entire folder to get a module again, which is incorrect. You want the contents of that folder to be at the root level of your zip archive–at a bare minimum, this will be: a buildfile and an images/ directory. There could also be predefined setups and/or documentation if you’ve created those.

The best course of action is to use a piece of software that obviates the need for changing the file suffix of your module from .vmod to .zip and then back again later. 7zip, WinRAR, and probably plenty of others can easily open zip archives even if they have a non-standard file suffix so you can alter the contents of the archive directly without any file renaming fuss.

First of all, thanks for the replies, both!

I have been trying to re-compress the root folder all of this time. I’ll try just selecting the module contents and compressing those.

WOOP! That worked like a charm! Thanks so much—was really worried I’d have to rebuild the module from the groundup. This saved me days of work.