Add Multiple Cards/Pieces - Sorting

When adding multiple cards or pieces I point to a folder and the list is always in a random order, clicking column headers doesn’t sort the list. I really need items to be added in alphabetical order as I want players to be able to build decks based on the names of cards, that will be difficult if they’re in a random order.

Is there any way to sort the list so that they import in order? I really don’t want to have to right click and move every entry after import.

The easiest… No, I find it an easiest way:

  1. add one card to the deck;
  2. unzip Vassal module;
  3. open buildFile;
  4. find entry corresponding to card added in #1.
  5. duplicate it as many times as required.
  6. change names and ids appropriately.
  7. zip the module back, change extension to vmod.

I would even write a short code in bash / awk to do 5 for me but doing it manually would also work.

Hmm ok, a little more complex than I was thinking of but workable. So the way I just did it…

Since the name of the card is the first attribute on each line and each line is identical until it gets ot the line:

  1. Added cards using the add multiple cards feature
  2. Found the entries in the buildFile
  3. Copied those into a new temporary text file
  4. Used the GNU sort utility on the temporary file
  5. Pasted the now alphabetically sorted lines back into the buildFile

Also how about this…
Say I want to have the cards as pieces in the game piece palette, I want to have them categorised by card type into different scrollable lists. What if I also want a scrollable lists for “all cards” in one list? Is it ok to have a duplicate id in that situation or will that mess things up? Or is there a better way of achieving that?

GNU sort utility. Lovely!

If cards are not in a limited supply i.e. there can be any number of them then the palette would work just fine and I believe it is OK to duplicate the entries / records for cards. You will simply end up with same card being in different scrollable list but that is fine with design that you are working on, as far as I have figured.

I would just initialize the lists with a single card and add others utilizing the method described above. Good luck.

Old post so apologies but didn’t want to open up a new thread on basically the same thing. So I’ve added a deck of cards (add multiple) and it listed them alphabetically (good) and in the module editor, they are listed alphabetically (also good), but when I view the deck or go to “draw specific card”, the deck and the list are in reverse alphabetical order. The buildfile lists them in proper order. What is causing them to sort in reverse and how to correct? Thanks!