Add property to shuffle deck on game start

Please allow us to specify that a Deck should be automatically shuffled at the beginning of a game. This would allow us to use proper Deck order but not force us to shuffle every deck in the game before starting.

A deck that is set to always shuffle, isn’t really shuffled at all. It just means that when a card is drawn from the deck, it will be a randomly selected card.

The right-click shuffle does scramble the order of the cards and they will remain in that order until manually shuffled again. I think that’s how it works. If that’s what you want, I don’t know of anyway to do that automatically.

However, you could have the cards in a hidden deck that is set to always shuffle and then at the beginning of the game, you can set up a button to move all cards to a deck that does not allow shuffling. I would imagine they would move there in a random sequence and stay that way. You could set up a button to do that to all the decks. It’s an extra click but it would be easier than right-clicking each deck.