Adding a changable background color layer under a main layer

I am making NATO style counters for my module. I have both black and white frame/symbol variants for my counters which have transparent parts inside the frame surrounding the space not taken up by the units symbol, as I wish to have a background color behind the counter that is changeable to help distinguish between different players/units/etc.

Thus a counter should be:

  1. Bottom layer - Background color inside shape of counters frame and under frame itself.
  2. Middle layer (main layer) - Frame with symbol inside (black or white options available given the background color to be used) This symbol is the primary aspect of any counter.
  3. Top layer - Formation symbol that goes above the frame, surrounded by transparent space, that symbolizes the size of the unit in question (ie how many soldiers, tanks, etc. Company, Battalion, Regiment, etc.)

The only way I can think to do this is make the main layer the color background, then have the frame/symbol as a layer on top of this that can be turned on and off (but that means I would need many many different layer traits, one for every type of unit), and then the top layer with the formation.

I don’t wish to have say one specific blue background color counter that has a right-click menu with one hundred different on/off layer traits (infantry, armor, this type of artillery, that type of artillery, etc.)

In fact I need the main layer to be the frame/symbol so players can choose that symbol from a palette and drag to the map, not drag various color backgrounds and turn on whatever symbol they need. I will be having many different background colors (like 50+) so I don’t want to make 50 different colored versions for each counter type, just have a layer system that cycles through options…

Any ideas / solutions would really be appreciated.

Just in case I am being misunderstood… … sp=sharing

Is there some reason you can’t just make the primary image blank, and use 3 different layers?

Thank you, no I hadn’t considered that approach, however this would mean that each military symbol (recon infantry, recon helicopter, recon conventional aircraft, tracked recon tank, wheeled recon tank, repeat, repeat, then repeat with different categories, medic infantry, medevac helicopter, medevac conventional aircraft, etc) would require their own prototype to “stack” the needed layers. Sure the color layer and formation layer traits would be copy - paste to save time, but I would loose the overall prototype to make changes to every possible counter at once. If changes needed to be made to all counters, say a new feature, or editing a text label, I would now have to change 100’s of prototypes, instead of just one.

I’m not sure I understand…you are aware prototypes can be nested as much as you like, and each piece (or prototype) can contain any number of prototypes?