Adding a deck to a map

I’m trying to add a deck to a map. I’ve added a “Return to Deck” trait to two of the game piece prototypes, and counters move to the center of the deck that I defined, but the deck does not have a “Allow Multiple Cards to be Drawn” menu entry. Nothing happens when right-clicking the area (except to shift the map ever-so-slightly). The “Allow Multiple Cards to be Drawn” property is checked for the deck, and I’ve even tried checking the properties that ought to add other menu entries, but still nothing. The deck is large enough (334x244) that the problem couldn’t be caused by my missing the deck when right clicking. I added the deck to the main map, and I’ve tried both defining it as belonging to that map specifically and defining it as belonging to any map.

Any idea what I might be missing? I’ve created another module that uses a deck, and I’ve looked at other modules that incorporate features like this, and I can’t see anything that I’m doing differently. Is there any way to troubleshoot how the deck is defined? I’ve tried adding an outline when empty, and that doesn’t show up, which suggests that something about the definition isn’t correct, but I can’t figure out what. I’d consider that perhaps I’d accidentally defined the deck somewhere other than where I think, except that counters move to the center of the deck as expected when choosing “Return to Deck.”

Adding a Deck to a Map has no effect on existing Save Games. If your module is starting a New Game by loading a Saved Game, then you will not see the change. You need to create a fresh startup Save Game from scratch.

Thanks, Brent, that was the issue. I hadn’t realized that the blank set-up was using a .vsav file. Once I unchecked it I found that the deck worked as expected.