adding a scenario to existing module

sorry in advance if this was previously addressed - I did a cursory search and found no relevant information…

I would like to take an existing module (Old School Tactical by Flying Pig Games) and add a few of the scenarios. But with the intention of playing a game by email using logs with a friend who is serving in the middle east.
How does this work? I am familiar (barely) with the process of scenario creation - but does he need my (modified) .vmod file to play?


Hi, I’m no expert on this myself, but I would say that generally this is done through added extensions, so that the default vmod file remains unedited. When playing then, you’d open the (unchanged) vmod file with the added extension attached. Both players would need the default vmod file, plus the extension (.vmdx) that was created to modify it.

If you make all the changes to the vmod file itself, then yes the other player would need the updated vmod file.

Hope that helps, and is correct.

For a new scenario setup all you need is the vsav. You don’t have to add it to the module or make an extension. Start a new game with File > New Game (not always available in all modules, can get it back by editing your module). The first player (you) loads the vsav, and from there you’re good, no need to send the scenario setups to your opponent. If you want to modify things in the game, like adding units or maps then you will need to create an extension and share it.