Adding a translation for player sides?

Is there a way to add translations for player sides? I can see the ability to add a translation for the retire button, etc, but no way to add a translation for player sides that have been defined.

In Espana 1936 there are “Nacional” and “Republicano” sides defined by the module that I would like translated as “Nationalist” and “Republican”, respectively. While it’s not a big deal in this particular case since the words are so close, it might be in other modules.

If that’s not currently possible, then please consider this a feature request.

Hmm. That’s a feature that used to work, but appears to have been lost somewhere in the development of version 3.6. Leave it with me, I will get that fixed for the next release.

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Hi @djberg96

Are you able to test a build for me to see if this solves the problem?

If you could install the appropriate VASSAL-3.6.11-SNAPSHOT-45b3b67-11924-Sides-translation-windows build for your hardware, that would be very helpful.


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Looks like it works, thanks!

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