Adding charts

Hi all,

I am trying to add some charts to an existing module. The file is a PDF, which i converted to a jpg. But, since the PDF had 2 pages, I now have 2 JPGs. How can I put these two JPGs into one chart, in the module?


Surely the answer is to

  • combine them in photoshop or gimp (load one, double the canvas size, load second, cut and paste all of it into the first. May as well save it as a .png file while you are there)
  • add a chart window menu to your project
  • add a chart to the chart window menu
  • load the image into the chart
    or alternatively, keep them as separate images and add a tabbed panel to the chart window menu instead, then load them as 2 charts.

Or even two different toolbar buttons, two different charts, so players don’t have to find those tiny little tab-panel things.