Adding Colored Dice

How do you add colored dice? My intention is to add 1 red die to the game module. I’ve looked in the symbolic dice window but found it confusing.

You’d have to make a graphic of a red die (preferably in PNG format) and incorporate it into the module.

I could give you some more information than that but you didn’t give me many details. Is this an existing module or one you are making? If it is an existing module, which one is it?

This is a module I am making. I guess I only need to scan colored dice and then use that image right?

Yeah …or you can just run a Google search for dice clipart.

Try this one

I’ve got the colored dice installed (Thanks) and now for another question concerning dice results.

How do you change the color of the dice results that appear on the screen after rolling them?

You could probably use a Layer trait to set up graphic layers based on the die result. If the name of your dice component in Vassal is “RollD6”, the roll would create a global value named RollD6_result. So, you can have your Layer trait follow the Property Name RollD6_result and it will display whatever you want it to display based on the die roll.

Here’s more information on the Layer trait:

It would be easy to give you a quick sample if you need one. Let me know.