Adding maps to existing module

Hi all,

My first post here, and I have a question.

I am really enjoying the submarine wargame Raiders of the Deep, downloaded here at Vassal

On BGG, I downloaded a number of great looking maps, for the board game, but I would like to edit the
Raiders module, to add these maps into the module…

Can someone please help, or give some hints, on how to do this?

Thanks for reading!


A) under main map feature you can allow multiple maps, and choose when you start the game.
B) copy the module to another name, switch out the map files.


So I have copied one of the map files, and that works. But I don`t see an option to load an image into the module?

Select the Map {picture you want).

Be aware if you don’t use the same name for the map picture. Vassal will keep the original map in the vmod. this can cause it the grow very fast if you are tweaking the map. You have to manually go into the vmod to remove old unused pictures(files).